Quick information
  • Title: Honey Rush 100
  • Developer: Play'n GO
  • Reels: 7
  • Rows: 4-5-6-7-6-5-4
  • Paylines: 5

Honey Rush 100 Slot Review


Honey Rush 100 Slot Overvie

Honey Rush 100 is a new casino slot from Play’n GO taking us to a busy beehive. The game shares some similarities with the previous game Honey Rush, but you will also find some new features and a heavy raise of the max win to 50,000X the bet. The honeycomb-looking grid with 4 rows on the end reels and 7 rows in the middle is the same. A Honey Pot has been added below the reels where Wild Symbols can drop and add to the multiplier. The features are triggered just as in the previous game by making wins with a certain number of symbols on the same spin.

A hexagon-shaped casino slot resembling a honeycomb.
Base Game

Honey Rush 100 is a video slot from Play’n GO with 7 reels that have 4-5-6-7-6-5-4 rows. There are no regular paylines, but wins are made by landing 5 or more symbols in a cluster. The Min.bet is 0.1, and the Max.bet is 100. The game’s default RTP is 96.20%, but you can also find it in lower versions of 94.20%, 91.20%, 87.20%, and 84.20%. Honey Rush has high volatility and a huge max win of 50,000X the bet.

You might feel completely lost with all the bees in the hive. When you get familiar with the action, you’ll notice the features Cascading Wins, Sticky Wild Symbol, Random Wilds, Rush Meter, Colony Features, and Overcharge Mode.

Honey Rush 100 Slot Information

Honey Rush 100 looks very similar to Honey Rush with the same type of honeycomb grid, holding a total of 37 positions for symbols to land on. However, this game shows more of the surrounding landscape. Two huge green trees are growing in the back, and a big bowl beneath the reels represents the Honeypot. To the left hangs a beehive on a branch showing the present multiplier.

You make wins by landing 5 or more symbols of the same type in a cluster. All symbols need to be connected. Whenever you make a win, the symbols will disappear, and new ones will be added. This so-called cascade continues until no more wins are made. Honey Rush 100 is available on mobile phones and other digital devices.

The lower-paying symbols in Honey Rush 100 are yellow, pink, white, and blue flowers. They are all worth the same, paying 10X the bet if 35 positions are filled. The higher-paying symbols are bronze, silver, and gold coins, plus a diamond. These 4 symbols award between 20X and 50X the bet for a win of 35 symbols. The Wild Symbol substitutes all other symbols and pays 500X the bet if you fill all 37 positions.

Honey Rush 100 Slot Features

What is the max win in the slot Honey Rush 100?

You can win up to 50,000X the bet.

What features are available in the slot Honey Rush 100?

The features are Cascading Wins, Sticky Wild Symbol, Random Wilds, Rush Meter, Colony Features, and Overcharge Mode.

Seven Wilds created in the middle of the grid during the Drone Colony Feature.
Drone Colony Feature

Cascading Wins

Five or more symbols of the same type in a cluster form winning combinations. Only the highest win within a cluster is rewarded. Once a win occurs, the winning symbols disappear, allowing new symbols to drop down and fill the empty spaces. Multiple clusters of the same symbol that aren’t connected are paid out as individual wins. The cascades continue as long as you keep on making wins.

Sticky Wild Symbol

The Wild Symbol is a W that substitutes all other symbols. It’s also the best-paying symbol on its own, awarding 500X the bet if you fill the entire reel with it.

The Wild Symbol is sticky and stays on the grid during cascades. It moves downwards until it touches another symbol beneath. If the Wild touches the bottom edge, it will drop in the Honey Pot and increase the Win Multiplier by 1. Every Wild dropped in the Honey Pot in the Drone Colony will increase the Win Multiplier by 2, and Honey Pot Wilds in Worker and Queen Colony add 3 to the multiplier.

Random Wilds

There’s a chance that 2-4 Random Wilds are added to the grid in case of a non-winning spin. The feature doesn’t guarantee a win.

Rush Meter

Each win you achieve contributes to filling up the Rush Meter. As the meter reaches different charge levels, corresponding features are added to a queue. If the Rush Meter is fully charged and no more wins occur, the next feature(s) in the queue is activated. Once all the effects of the features have played out, the game round resumes as usual. The Rush Meter is reset at the end of each game round.

There are 3 levels on the Rush Meter:

Level 1 = Requires 30 winning symbols and activates the Drone Colony feature.

Level 2 = Requires 60 winning symbols and triggers the Worker Colony feature.

Level 3 = Requires 90 winning symbols and activates the Queen Colony feature.

Colony Features

Once a Colony Feature is triggered, the symbol located at the center of the grid is chosen and then duplicated from the center, resulting in the creation of a new winning cluster. If it’s a Wild Symbol, it will be duplicated into Wilds. The different Colony Features are:

Drone Colony = Generates a minimum cluster consisting of 7 symbols.

Worker Colony = Produces a cluster ranging from 10 to 15 symbols.

Queen Colony = Generates a minimum cluster spanning from 20 to 37 symbols.

The Queen Colony triggers after collecting 90 winning symbols.
Queen Colony

Overcharge Mode

When the Rush Meter reaches its maximum capacity of 90 symbols, it enters an exciting phase called Overcharge Mode. Every additional set of 15 symbols collected triggers an upgrade to the middle symbol. The symbol will keep on upgrading on every overcharge until it can’t be upgraded anymore. If the maximum number of upgrades is reached, the global multiplier is increased by 3.

The maximum possible multiplier is 100X.

Honey Rush 100 Slot Conclusion

Honey Rush 100 is a proud sequel of Honey Rush, improving some of the features while others are the same. No matter which version you play, you’ll trigger different features by collecting winning symbols on the Rush Meter. You have to reach the stipulated triggering numbers on the same round since the Rush Meter resets when you’re not making any more wins. The features are queued as long as your cascading wins continue, which means that you can trigger several Colony Features after each other once the cascades finish.

You need 30 winning symbols to trigger the Drone Colony, another 30 for the Worker Colony, and 30 more for the most valuable Queen Colony, which can turn all symbols on the grid into the same symbol with some luck. If you land even more wins, you will enter Overcharge Mode, which will upgrade the middle symbol one step for every 15 winning symbols.

A new cool detail in this game is the Honey Pot, which boosts the win multiplier by between 1 and 3 every time a Wild lands there. The multiplier can grow up to 100X, compared to the old game, where the maximum possible multiplier is 27X, achieved by landing 3 Multiplier Wilds. The game’s max win has also been raised significantly, from 9,000X to 50,000X the bet. The RTP of 96.20% is slightly lower than in the previous version, but it’s still about average in the slot industry.

Other cool games with bees are NetEnt’s Bee Hive Bonanza and Relax Gaming’s Beellionaires Dream Drop.

Honey Rush 100 from Play’n GO raises the bee action with a couple of new features and a max win of 50,000X the bet.

Quick information
  • Title: Honey Rush 100
  • Developer: Play'n GO
  • Reels: 7
  • Rows: 4-5-6-7-6-5-4
  • Paylines: 5