Quick Information
  • Title: Starburst Slot
  • Developer: NetEnt
  • Reels: 5
  • Rows: 3
  • Paylines: 10
  • RTP: 96.09%
  • Hit Frequency: Medium
  • Max Win: 500x
  • Volatility: Low
  • Min/Max Bet €0.10/€100
  • Release Date 2012

Starburst Slot Review



Embark on an exhilarating cosmic journey with Starburst Slot, a shining jewel in the realm of online slots. Developed by the renowned gaming provider NetEnt in 2012, Starburst has since become a staple in the world of online gaming, captivating players across the globe. Its blend of mesmerizing graphics, straightforward yet engaging gameplay, and the enthralling Starburst Wild feature, makes this game a go-to choice among casino enthusiasts.

Starburst Slot captivates with its visually stunning cosmic theme. The game is set against a vibrant cosmic background, with dazzling jewels as symbols that complement the outer space aesthetic. The simplicity of Starburst is one of its major appeals, making it accessible to both novices and seasoned players alike. The game mechanics are easy to grasp, yet the excitement escalates with the signature Starburst Wild feature that expands across reels, potentially leading to astronomical wins.

With an average Return to Player (RTP) of 96.09%, Starburst offers a fair chance of reaping rewarding payouts. The game’s design ensures a smooth play on both desktop and mobile platforms, providing a stellar gaming experience wherever you choose to play. The blend of aesthetic appeal, straightforward gameplay, and rewarding win potential makes Starburst Slot a brilliant choice for those seeking an enjoyable and rewarding online slot experience.

Starburst Slot: Game Overview

Step into a galaxy of opportunities with the Starburst Slot, a cosmic spectacle brought to you by the reputable game developer NetEnt. Since its launch in 2012, Starburst has carved its niche in the world of online slots, becoming a favorite among players globally. The captivating blend of radiant graphics, simple yet engaging gameplay, and the unique Starburst Wild feature sets this game apart in a competitive market.

Visual Appeal

Starburst Slot enthralls with its visually appealing cosmic theme, transporting players to outer space with every spin. The glittering jewels as symbols on the reels, coupled with a vibrant cosmic backdrop, create a visually stimulating gaming environment. The bold, easily readable symbols and fluid animations enhance the user experience, making each spin a visual feast.

Gameplay Simplicity

The beauty of Starburst lies in its gameplay simplicity, welcoming players of all experience levels. With a user-friendly interface and straightforward game mechanics, it’s easy to dive into the action. The excitement amplifies with the Starburst Wild feature, which expands across the reels, potentially unlocking substantial wins. This feature keeps the gameplay exciting and unpredictable, adding a layer of thrill to the overall gaming experience.

Winning Potential

With a competitive Return to Player (RTP) rate of 96.09%, Starburst Slot offers a fair chance for rewarding payouts. The game strikes a fine balance between entertaining gameplay and win potential, making it a popular choice for players seeking both enjoyment and the prospect of substantial returns.


Starburst ensures a seamless gaming experience across both desktop and mobile platforms. Its design is optimized for smooth gameplay, regardless of the device, allowing players to delve into the cosmic adventure whenever the mood strikes.

Theme, Graphics and Design

Dive into a cosmos of vibrant colors and shimmering stars with Starburst Slot, a game that stands out for its captivating theme and visually pleasing design. Developed by the highly-regarded NetEnt, Starburst Slot transports players into a celestial adventure with every spin. The game is a perfect blend of simplicity and modern design, which has become a hallmark of its enduring appeal since its inception in 2012.

Cosmic Theme

The theme of Starburst Slot is one of its most striking features. The cosmic backdrop filled with radiant stars and captivating nebulas sets the tone for an exciting space adventure. The game’s theme effortlessly captures the wonder of the cosmos, offering a slice of the universe to its players with each spin.

Vibrant Graphics

Starburst Slot dazzles with its vibrant graphics. The game’s symbols are represented by a variety of glittering gems and a radiant Starburst Wild, all designed with sharp, crystal-clear graphics that pop against the cosmic backdrop. The visual appeal is enhanced by the dynamic animations that accompany winning spins, adding a level of excitement to the gameplay.

Modern Design

The design of Starburst Slot is modern and user-friendly. The interface is clean and uncluttered, making it easy for players to navigate. The reels spin smoothly, and the game operates seamlessly across a variety of devices, including desktops and mobiles, ensuring a superior gaming experience. The attention to detail in the design extends to the easily readable and bold symbols, which are a notable feature of the game.

Engaging Audio

Complementing the visual spectacle, the engaging audio of Starburst Slot provides an immersive gaming experience. The futuristic music and sound effects resonate well with the cosmic theme, creating a cohesive and enjoyable gaming atmosphere.


Game Features

Embark on an interstellar voyage with Starburst Slot and discover a universe filled with enthralling features that promise an engaging gameplay experience. Designed by the eminent software provider NetEnt, Starburst Slot has become synonymous with fun and rewarding features that cater to players with varying tastes and preferences. Here’s a closer look at some of the game features that make Starburst Slot a shining star in the online casino galaxy.

Starburst Wilds

At the heart of Starburst Slot’s feature list is the Starburst Wilds. This special wild symbol can land on reels 2, 3, or 4, and when it does, it expands to cover the entire reel, potentially creating multiple winning combinations. Moreover, the Starburst Wild triggers a re-spin, giving players another chance to land winning combinations. The re-spins can be retriggered, up to a maximum of 3 re-spins, providing more opportunities for stellar wins.

Win Both Ways

Adding to the excitement is the Win Both Ways feature. Unlike many other slots where wins are calculated from left to right, Starburst Slot allows players to form winning combinations both from left to right and right to left. This feature essentially doubles the chances of landing a winning combination, making every spin an exciting venture.

Simple Gameplay

Starburst Slot is renowned for its straightforward gameplay that is easy to grasp, making it suitable for both newcomers and seasoned players. The game has 5 reels, 3 rows, and 10 paylines, with a wide betting range that caters to different bankroll sizes. Its simple gameplay does not compromise on fun, ensuring an enjoyable gaming experience.

High-Quality Graphics and Sound

The game features high-quality graphics with vibrant colors and smooth animations that complement the cosmic theme. Accompanied by a futuristic soundtrack, the audio-visual elements of Starburst Slot enhance the gaming atmosphere, making it a well-rounded and immersive gaming experience.


Whether playing on a desktop or a mobile device, Starburst Slot is designed to provide a seamless gaming experience. The game is optimized for various platforms, ensuring smooth gameplay and intuitive interface, irrespective of the device being used.

In conclusion, the features of Starburst Slot combine to offer a gameplay experience that is both enjoyable and rewarding. The unique Starburst Wilds, coupled with the Win Both Ways feature and uncomplicated gameplay, make Starburst Slot a preferred choice for players seeking an entertaining and potentially rewarding online slot adventure.


Step into a realm of sparkling gems and cosmic wonders with Starburst Slot, where each symbol is crafted to complement the game’s enchanting outer space theme. Designed by the reputable NetEnt, the symbols in Starburst Slot are not only visually pleasing but also play a pivotal role in creating winning combinations that can lead to stellar rewards. Let’s delve into the array of symbols that adorn the reels of this popular slot game.

Gem Symbols

Starburst Slot features a vibrant array of gem symbols, each with its unique color and shape. The gems come in purple, blue, orange, green, and yellow, and are the lower value symbols in the game. Their vivid colors and sharp graphics add a touch of sparkle to the reels, enhancing the visual appeal of the game.

Lucky Seven and Bar Symbols

Adding a classic touch to the modern cosmic theme, Starburst Slot incorporates traditional slot symbols like the Lucky Seven and Bar symbols. The Lucky Seven is adorned with flames, while the Bar symbol is bedecked in gold, offering a higher payout compared to the gem symbols. These symbols provide a nostalgic nod to traditional slot games while offering substantial winning potential.

Starburst Wild Symbol

The crown jewel of symbols in Starburst Slot is undoubtedly the Starburst Wild. This multi-colored star symbol has the power to substitute for all other symbols on the reels to create winning combinations. When it lands on reels 2, 3, or 4, it expands to cover the entire reel and triggers a re-spin, with the potential for up to three re-spins if more Starburst Wilds appear during the feature. The Starburst Wild symbol is the gateway to achieving significant wins and is the centerpiece of the game’s exciting features.

The symbols in Starburst Slot are meticulously designed to align with the cosmic theme, creating a visually cohesive and engaging gaming experience. The blend of modern gem symbols with classic slot icons, crowned by the exciting Starburst Wild, creates a dynamic gameplay environment that keeps players enthralled. Each symbol not only contributes to the aesthetic allure of the game but also holds the key to unlocking rewarding payouts, making every spin a journey of exploration in the cosmic expanse of Starburst Slot.


RTP & Volatility

Immerse yourself in the cosmic wonders of Starburst Slot, a game that not only captivates with its visual appeal but also entices with favorable Return to Player (RTP) and volatility characteristics. Developed by the reputable NetEnt, Starburst Slot is designed to provide a balanced gaming experience, which is reflected in its RTP and volatility metrics. Let’s delve into these aspects to understand what players can expect when spinning the reels of this popular slot game.

Return to Player (RTP)

Starburst Slot boasts an RTP of 96.09%, positioning it as an average RTP game in the online casino arena. The RTP percentage is a theoretical figure that indicates the amount players can expect to win back over a long period of gameplay. With an RTP of 96.09%, Starburst Slot assures a fair return, making it an attractive choice for players seeking a balance between entertainment and winning potential.


The game features a low to medium volatility, which implies that players are likely to encounter frequent, smaller wins rather than infrequent, larger wins. This level of volatility makes Starburst Slot a suitable choice for players with different bankroll sizes, including those who prefer a lower risk gameplay experience. The relatively low volatility coupled with the game’s engaging features provides a gaming environment where players can enjoy consistent action on the reels.

Balanced Gameplay Experience

The combination of a reasonable RTP and low to medium volatility in Starburst Slot contributes to a balanced gameplay experience. Players can enjoy the visual and auditory delights of the game while also having a fair chance of reaping rewards over time. This balance enhances the game’s appeal, making it a preferred choice among a wide range of players.


Dive into a cosmic journey with Starburst Slot, a game crafted by the esteemed provider NetEnt. Known for its innovative gaming solutions, NetEnt has once again showcased its prowess in the online casino realm through the creation of Starburst Slot. Let’s venture into the realms of NetEnt, the provider behind this stellar slot game, and explore what sets them apart in the crowded space of online gaming.

NetEnt, short for Net Entertainment, is a leading provider of premium gaming solutions to the world’s most successful online casino operators. Established in 1996, the company has been a true pioneer in driving the market with thrilling games powered by a cutting-edge platform. With a commitment to excellence, NetEnt has managed to carve a niche for itself, becoming synonymous with quality and innovation in the online gaming industry.

NetEnt’s dedication to providing innovative gaming solutions is reflected in Starburst Slot. The game exemplifies NetEnt’s capability to blend superior graphics, seamless gameplay, and user-friendly interface into a single package. Starburst Slot is a testament to NetEnt’s ability to create games that resonate with a wide array of players, offering a perfect blend of entertainment and winning potential.

Over the decades, NetEnt has built a legacy of quality and trust among casino operators and players alike. The provider’s consistent delivery of high-quality games that push the boundaries of creativity has established them as a trusted name in the industry. Starburst Slot is one of the many jewels in NetEnt’s crown, reflecting the provider’s dedication to delivering a superior gaming experience.

NetEnt, the provider of Starburst Slot, stands tall as a beacon of innovation and quality in the online gaming landscape. The creation of Starburst Slot is a reflection of NetEnt’s commitment to providing engaging gaming experiences that captivate players while ensuring fairness and excitement with every spin. By choosing to play Starburst Slot, players are not only stepping into a cosmos of entertainment but are also engaging with a game backed by a provider with a solid reputation for excellence in the online casino industry.

Max Win

Venture into a cosmos of potential winnings with the iconic Starburst Slot by NetEnt. The game has garnered a strong following not only for its eye-catching graphics but also for its lucrative win potential. When it comes to the pinnacle of rewards, Starburst Slot shines bright with a maximum win that will surely entice both new and seasoned players.

Maximum Win Explained

Starburst Slot presents players with a chance to secure a substantial max win of 50,000 coins. This enticing prize can be attained by landing five Starburst symbols on an active payline. It’s advisable to have all 10 paylines active and to bet the maximum amount possible to stand a better chance of hitting this jackpot​​.

The game offers a max win potential with a minimum bet of 0.10 and a maximum bet of 100, showcasing a range that accommodates different budget sizes while keeping the dream of a significant win alive​.

Moreover, with a maximum coin value of €1, the maximum real money win one could achieve on Starburst is translated to €50,000​.

Win Potential

The max win of Starburst Slot is not just a distant star in the gambling cosmos. The game’s design, coupled with its features like the Starburst Wilds and the Win Both Ways mechanic, contribute to creating numerous opportunities for players to get closer to achieving the max win. The prize is especially within reach when players manage to fill the entire set of reels with BAR symbols and/or wilds, which could result in a winning amount of up to €50,000​.

Demo Play

Embark on a cosmic venture with Starburst Slot without risking a dime, thanks to its demo play feature. This NetEnt creation allows players to explore its celestial wonders and vibrant gameplay in a risk-free manner, making it an enticing option for those keen on familiarizing themselves with the game before diving into real money play. Here’s an exploration of the demo play feature in Starburst Slot that has been well-received by players.

Ease of Access

Starburst Slot’s demo mode is easily accessible, allowing players to delve into the game without the need for downloading any software or going through a registration process. This hassle-free access is a boon for players wanting to try out the game and get a feel of its features before committing with real money​.

Exploration of Features

The demo play provides a perfect avenue for players to explore the game’s features. They can experience the expanding wilds on reels 2-4, trigger re-spins, and even win up to x250 of their bet, all in a risk-free environment. The opportunity to explore these features without any financial commitment makes the demo play a valuable feature for players​.

Practice and Fun

Starburst’s demo mode offers a playground for both new and seasoned players to practice and have fun. It allows players to try out all the bonus features and understand the game dynamics, which can be beneficial when transitioning to real money play. Even without the monetary aspect, many find the demo play to be a lot of fun, embodying the engaging essence of Starburst Slot​.

Cross-Platform Availability

The demo play is not confined to desktops alone; players can enjoy the free play on mobile devices as well, ensuring they can experience the cosmic adventure of Starburst Slot wherever they go. The cross-platform availability amplifies the accessibility and appeal of the demo play feature​.

Mobile Compatibility

Starburst Slot by NetEnt is designed to offer an engaging gaming experience on both desktop and mobile platforms. The game’s mobile compatibility is one of its strong suits, ensuring that players can enjoy the cosmic adventure on the go. Below are the details regarding the mobile compatibility of Starburst Slot:

Starburst Slot is seamlessly compatible with iOS and Android operating systems, allowing players to enjoy the game on virtually any smartphone or tablet. The game is designed to perform optimally on a range of devices, ensuring a fluid gaming experience irrespective of the device being used​.

NetEnt, the provider behind Starburst Slot, employs HTML5 technology to develop most of its games. This cutting-edge technology ensures that Starburst Slot is entirely mobile-compatible, offering a sleek and responsive gaming experience across different mobile platforms​.

Starburst Slot is crafted to work perfectly on smaller screens without any cumbersome features, icons, or visuals that could hinder the gaming experience. The game’s user-friendly interface and crisp graphics translate well on mobile devices, ensuring that the gameplay remains engaging and visually pleasing even on smaller screens​.

Players have the flexibility to either download a casino app to play Starburst Slot or access the game directly via mobile web browsers. This level of accessibility ensures that players can enjoy Starburst Slot in a manner that suits their preferences, making it a convenient choice for mobile gaming enthusiasts​.

Security and Data Protection

When it comes to ensuring security and data protection, reputable online casino platforms implement various measures including:

SSL Encryption: Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption is a standard technology used to establish an encrypted link between a web server and a browser, ensuring that all data passed between them remains private and integral.

Regulatory Compliance: Online casinos are regulated by various regional and international authorities which ensure that they adhere to strict data protection and security standards.

Random Number Generator (RNG) Certification: The fairness and randomness of games like Starburst Slot are ensured through RNG certification which is usually performed by independent auditing agencies.

Privacy Policies: Reputable online casinos have clear privacy policies that outline how player data is handled.

Secure Payment Gateways: To protect financial data, secure payment gateways are used for all transactions.

Players are advised to choose online casino platforms that are reputable and comply with the necessary regulatory requirements to ensure their data is protected while enjoying games like Starburst Slot.

Bonus Features

Engage in a thrilling cosmic expedition with Starburst Slot and discover a galaxy of bonus features awaiting your exploration. Crafted by the esteemed game developer NetEnt, Starburst Slot is known for its captivating bonus features that elevate the gaming experience to new heights. Here’s a detailed look into the bonus features that make Starburst Slot a stellar choice for players seeking an exciting and rewarding online slot experience.

Starburst Wilds

The Starburst Wilds feature is the hallmark of the bonus offerings in Starburst Slot. When the Starburst Wild symbol lands on reels 2, 3, or 4, it expands to cover the entire reel, potentially forming multiple winning combinations. Additionally, the appearance of a Starburst Wild triggers a re-spin, with the possibility of retriggering up to three re-spins if more Starburst Wilds appear during the feature. This feature provides ample opportunities for players to achieve substantial wins, adding a layer of excitement to each spin.

Win Both Ways

Enhancing the win potential is the Win Both Ways feature. Unlike many slots where wins are counted from left to right, Starburst Slot allows winning combinations to be formed both from left to right and right to left. This feature essentially doubles the chances of landing winning combinations, making every spin an exhilarating adventure.

Re-Spins Feature

The re-spins feature, triggered by the Starburst Wilds, provides an additional avenue for players to enhance their winnings. With up to three re-spins available, players have more chances to form winning combinations, making the re-spins feature a valuable addition to the game’s bonus offerings.

Engaging Gameplay

While not a bonus feature per se, the engaging gameplay, coupled with the potential for high payouts, acts as a bonus for players. The game’s simplicity, vibrant graphics, and the chance of achieving a significant win, especially with the Starburst Wilds and re-spins, create a rewarding gaming environment.

How to Play

Embark on a cosmic escapade with Starburst Slot, a game that combines simplicity with exhilaration. Developed by NetEnt, Starburst Slot is recognized for its straightforward gameplay, making it a suitable choice for both beginners and seasoned players. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to play Starburst Slot and navigate through its galaxy of features.

Getting Started

Begin your cosmic journey by selecting a reputable online casino that hosts Starburst Slot. Once you’ve accessed the game, set your bet size by adjusting the coin value and bet level to match your preference. The game accommodates a wide range of bet sizes, with a minimum bet of 0.10 and a maximum bet of 100, catering to different bankroll sizes.

Understanding the Paylines

Starburst Slot operates with 10 paylines, which are fixed, meaning all paylines are active during every spin. The Win Both Ways feature enhances the payline structure, allowing winning combinations to be formed from both left to right and right to left, effectively doubling your chances of landing a win.

Spinning the Reels

Once your bet is set, hit the spin button to set the reels in motion. The aim is to land matching symbols on adjacent reels along an active payline to secure a win. The vibrant gem symbols, along with the BAR and 7 symbols, offer varying payouts, with the BAR symbol being the highest paying regular symbol.

Utilizing the Starburst Wilds

The Starburst Wild symbol is the game’s special feature, appearing on reels 2, 3, and 4. When landed, the Starburst Wild expands to cover the entire reel and triggers a re-spin, giving you another chance to form winning combinations. Up to three re-spins can be triggered if new Starburst Wilds appear during the feature.

Autoplay Feature

For a more relaxed gameplay experience, utilize the autoplay feature to set a predetermined number of spins to run automatically. This feature allows you to sit back and enjoy the cosmic spectacle as the reels spin, potentially leading to rewarding payouts.

Strategy to Win

Embark on a cosmic adventure with Starburst Slot, where every spin holds the potential for stellar rewards. Developed by NetEnt, Starburst Slot combines simplicity with enticing win opportunities. While the outcome of each spin is determined by a Random Number Generator ensuring fair play, certain strategies can be employed to enhance your gaming experience and potentially increase your chances of winning. Here’s a guide to devising a strategy to win while enjoying the celestial escapade that Starburst Slot offers.

Understanding the Game Mechanics: A thorough understanding of the game mechanics, including the paytable, paylines, and bonus features like the Starburst Wilds and the Win Both Ways feature, is crucial. Familiarizing yourself with the game rules and payouts helps in making informed decisions while playing.

Managing Your Bankroll: Effective bankroll management is the cornerstone of a sound slot gaming strategy. Set a budget before you start playing, and stick to it. Adjust your bet size accordingly to ensure a longer gameplay session, which in turn, could increase your chances of hitting a winning combination.

Maximizing the Win Both Ways Feature: The Win Both Ways feature in Starburst Slot doubles the potential for forming winning combinations. Ensure that you take full advantage of this feature by understanding how it works and how it contributes to winning scenarios.

Utilizing the Starburst Wilds: The Starburst Wilds are central to boosting your winning potential. Aim for landing the Starburst Wild symbols on reels 2, 3, or 4 to trigger re-spins and possibly more winning combinations. The expanding wilds cover the entire reel, creating multiple opportunities for wins.

Maintaining Patience and Discipline: Patience and discipline are key in any slot game, including Starburst Slot. Stick to your budget, manage your bets wisely, and avoid chasing losses. It’s important to enjoy the gaming experience while staying within your predetermined limits.

Utilizing Casino Bonuses and Promotions: Many online casinos offer bonuses and promotions that can be used to play Starburst Slot. Look out for welcome bonuses, free spins, and other promotions that could extend your gameplay and increase your chances of winning.


Engage in a celestial gaming adventure with Starburst Slot, a creation of the reputable gaming provider, NetEnt. As you set sail on this cosmic journey, it’s pivotal to ensure that the voyage is within the legal frameworks set by the gambling authorities. The legality of playing Starburst Slot largely hinges on the jurisdiction you are in, as well as the online casino platform you choose to play on. Here’s an in-depth look into the legality aspects surrounding Starburst Slot:

NetEnt, the provider of Starburst Slot, is a licensed and regulated entity which adheres to the stringent standards set by various gambling authorities. It holds licenses from reputable bodies like the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority, among others. This ensures that Starburst Slot is offered on platforms that comply with the legal and fairness standards set by these authorities.

The legality of playing Starburst Slot varies from one jurisdiction to another. It’s essential to check the gambling laws in your country or region to ensure that online gambling, and specifically playing slots like Starburst, is legal. Many regions have embraced online gambling, allowing residents to enjoy games like Starburst Slot, while others have stringent restrictions or outright bans.

Choosing a reputable online casino that is licensed and regulated by recognized gambling authorities is crucial. Such platforms are obligated to adhere to legal, fairness, and security standards, ensuring a safe and lawful gaming environment for players.

Online gambling, including playing slots like Starburst, is restricted to individuals who are of legal gambling age, which is usually 18 or 21 years old, depending on the jurisdiction. Ensure you meet the age requirements set by both the online casino platform and your jurisdiction before engaging in gameplay.

While not a legality aspect per se, responsible gambling is promoted by both gaming providers like NetEnt and regulatory bodies. Players are encouraged to gamble responsibly to ensure a safe and enjoyable gaming experience.


Embark on a celestial gaming expedition with Starburst Slot, a gem in the vast universe of online slots developed by the reputable provider, NetEnt. Starburst Slot strikes a fine balance between simplicity and excitement, offering a gaming experience that is both captivating and rewarding.

Starburst Slot is a dazzling star in the online casino galaxy, offering a blend of simplistic gameplay, engaging features, and decent win potential. Its player-friendly approach, coupled with its visually pleasing cosmic theme, makes it a stellar choice for both new and seasoned players. Whether you’re spinning the reels on desktop or mobile, Starburst Slot promises a cosmic adventure filled with excitement and potential rewards.

Pros and Cons

Simple and Engaging GameplayLimited Bonus Features compared to some other slots
Starburst Wilds and Re-Spins FeatureNo Free Spins Bonus Round
Win Both Ways FeatureLow to Medium Volatility may not suit all players
High-quality Graphics and SoundFixed Paylines (10)
Mobile Compatibility across all devices
Reputable Provider (NetEnt)
Competitive RTP of 96.09%
Accessible to players with different bankroll sizes
Demo Play available for practice
Legal and Secure on reputable platforms
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Quick Information
  • Title: Starburst Slot
  • Developer: NetEnt
  • Reels: 5
  • Rows: 3
  • Paylines: 10
  • RTP: 96.09%
  • Hit Frequency: Medium
  • Max Win: 500x
  • Volatility: Low
  • Min/Max Bet €0.10/€100
  • Release Date 2012